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Tamarind Soap is a little unknown and little used in health and beauty cosmetics outside of South East Asia. But in Thailand Tamarind soap has many qualities and properties for the skin. Particularly when it comes to the oily skin of teenagers. It is extremely good for young skins with problems such as acne prone skin.

The background to Tamarind also known as Imli is that it is an antioxidant fruit rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, and C. Minerals that are present include potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and sodium. There are impressive antimicrobial properties. Tamarind is purifying and is an astringent. Great at whitening, lightening, moisturizing, toning and a natural anti-aging agent.This makes it excellent support against the problems of oily skin and acne. Tamarind can be used as an excellent exfoliating agent to remove pore clogging dead skin Plus whitening and lightening skin tone to reduce the appearance of worrying brown spots.

This soap is a wonderful natural source of alpha hydroxy acids AHA. A major exfoliating cream that is available in the cosmetic market. They eliminate the dirt and impurities that lie deep inside the skin and unclog the blocked the oily skin pores. The gentle rubbing and lathering of the soap helps to remove the dead skin from the clogged acne ridden pores.

Tamarind soap is packed with various acids, antioxidants and vitamins that combat the free radicals that cause premature aging. The free radicals that also give teenage skin problems.

Versatile Tamarind soap can remove dark patches around your neck. Such dark patches on the neck are common in women. Do not resort to bleaching agents when the all rounder Tamarind can come to the rescue.

Pigmentation can be eliminated. Because Tamarind soap is natuerally packed with both AHA and HA Hyaluronic Acid. Plus it is a natural remedy for Cellulite.

Natural HA in Tamarind soap can help to keep the skin supple and moist to help give a youthful appearance. HA is a natural component of the body’s connective skin tissue. It helps to support strength and flexibility.

Tamarind is a well-established anti-blemish agent that is known to act as a natural remedy for dark color spots. While the vitamins C and A and other antioxidants that are present in Tamarind soap enable it to act as a natural cure for various inflammatory skin conditions, including teenage pimples and acne.

Tamarind soap is also a good antiseptic. There are strong medicinal and anti-microbial properties. To heal wounds and prevent infections from spreading in the body. #



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