If your questions are not answered, please contact us at Thai Smile Store for further assistance.

How can I order?

It is easy to order on this website. Thai Smile Store website is a regular online store and is very similar to large online stores such as Ebay or Amazon for example.

Please follow the step by step instructions:

1. Add your desired product and your needed quantity to the Shopping Cart……. Click add to Cart button.
2. Now once you have added all your chosen products to the cart go to the Shopping Cart symbol and click on it.

  • Make sure you have checked all the required products into the cart and know the total price including shipping costs.
  • Then click the proceed to checkout button.
  • Type and fill in all the necessary details such as your full name, address, email, phone number.
  • Choose Paypal as your payment method.
  • Place your tick of approval with terms and conditions. By clicking on the box beside “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” sentence.
  • Next click place order button. Thai Smile Store will be processing the order immediately after we receive your payment.

What happens after placing the order?

The customer will receive an email confirmation after placing an order.

How do you ship my order?

Thai Smile Store ship all orders via Thailand Post with free economy shipping. The delivery is made to your delivery address by your national local post office.

How long it takes for delivery of my order?

Package delivery usualy takes approximately 15 days from Thailand. But should not take more than 23 working days excluding public holidays.

When you will ship my order?

Thai Smile Store process all orders immediately after we receive the payment. The orders are processed and shipped within 1 – 2 working days.

Which countries do you ship to?

Our store ships worldwide. We do not have any specific restrictions from our side. We ship to all countries, which are served by national postal services.

How much will I pay for shipping?

Economy shipping is 100% free.

What should I do if I not get the shipment within working 23 days?

It is recommended to contact your local post office with the shipment number. The shipment number is to be found in our confirmation email that your order was completed and shipped. If your local post office will be not able to tell you the actual status of your shipment and its delivery date, then please contact us immediately via our contact form here.

We require you to mention your order number in your message. Thai Smile Store will make claim of delivery with the carrier Thailand Post immediately and will make sure that your package is delivered as quickly as possible.

In which currency are prices on Thailand Store?

Prices on Thai Smile Store are displayed and charged in USD currency by default. Exchange rates between EUR and your local currency are available online at https://www.xe.com. XE.COM is a renowned exchange rates company.

How can I pay my order online?

PayPal: If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay with your credit or debit card. This website utilizes WooCommerce, a top plugin for all ecommerce websites, to facilitate all payments Paypal accepts any of the following payment methods:

  • PayPal Balance: Instant transfer from your bank account (if eligible)
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Cards (PayPal Extras Card or PayPal Smart Connect)
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

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