Prevent Prickly Heat

Prevent Prickly Heat

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There are many people in Thailand who regularly suffer from Prickly Heat. Both locals and tourists alike can suffer. Too much time in the sun and their body flares up with itchy red spots.

The medical community call this Milaria Rubra and it is incredibly common. About 30 per cent of people suffer with this temporary skin condition.

Prickly Heat is usually harmless and will clear up after a few days. However if the symptoms begin to bother you there are a few things to do that offer fast relief. The Prickly Heat rash occurs when the body’s sweat ducts become clogged and blocked. This happens due to a growth in bacteria and excessive sweating. When the ducts are blocked the sweat has nowhere to go but into the skin. This causes the inflammation, which then shows itself in those annoying red bumps.

Perhaps it is stating the obvious the best way to reduce the chance of getting Prickly Heat rash is to not sweat. But how to do this? By trying to stay cool throughout the day. By staying inside or in the shade or by taking a cold shower.

And when it comes to what clothes, choose garments that allow your skin to breathe rather than heavy dense fabrics. Natural 100 per cent light cotton is a safe bet. These solutions above are not always possible during a busy hectic day. Naturally, there will be times when Thai people and holiday makers won’t be able to prevent having the dreaded heat rash. But if you do get Prickly Heat, there are plenty of remedies in Thaiand to try to make it go away as quickly as it came.

Thai people and tourists stock up with cooling talc powders to prevent feeling sweaty.

Over 70 years ago, Snake Brand Classic cooling powder was specifically designed in Thailand with irritated skin in mind. Now this talcum powder brand has a large range of products to combat Prickly Heat rash. All products contain natural items such as Thanaka, Sea Kelp, Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Menthol, Camphor, Jasmine and Elderflower. This famous skin care brand can be found being sold at virtually all department stores, supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the kingdom of Thailand.

Probably the number one thing to remember is do not scratch. Itchy as hell yes, but the worst thing to do for a Prickly Heat is to irritate it further scraping with sharp nails. When the itchiness becomes too much, try patting or tapping skin with your fingers instead. As soon as there are signs of Prickly Heat rash, take an antihistamine tablet. A surprise maybe is to keep the affected area cool and open. Do not try to cover up with long sleeve shirts or jackets. #