Red Tiger Balm for Lumbar Pain and Migraine Relief


Red Tiger Balm is well known for providing relief from Muscular Aches and Pains. Such as low back pain, lumbago, sciatica, migraine, headaches, arthritic pains. sprains, lumbago and rheumatism.

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Low Back Pain:

People regularly use Tiger Balm to relieve back pain. Particularly to reduce low back pain, lumbago and sciatica improve health.

Aches And Injury:

There are natural herbal ingredients in the balm called Camphor and Menthol. They have a benefit of increasing the blood flow to the skin surface and muscles. Fortunately this creates a warming sensation that can distract a sufferer from their pain and stiffness. They can speed up the body healing time to reduce inflammation.

Thai versions of Tiger Balm contain Cajuput Oil and Cassia Oil. They can block the nerve receptors that send pain impulses. A warm sensation is created that can reduce the pain intensity of the body muscle and injury strains.

Colds Congestion And Blocked Sinuses:

The Red Tiger Balm contains natural herbal ingredients that can assist to relieve sinus and chest congestion. Some herbal balms have been used since ancient times in oils, salve, ointments and inhalants to reduce congestion from colds. Camphor can act as a low strength expectorant, nasal decongestant, and cough suppressor. Menthol balm may help soothe irritation of the nasal passageways, and help with stuffy noses.

Pressure Headaches:

Red Tiger Balm applied to the temple and forehead can be more effective at relieving stress headaches than using Tylenol or Paracetamol.

Osteoarthritis And Joint Pain:

Thai people use the balm for osteoarthritis to ease aches and pain. Joint Pain occurs as Osteoarthritis causes the bones to lose density and become brittle bones. Rubbing balm into a knee joint can be quite beneficial. The herbal natural ingredients may numb the area and reduce swelling.

Neck And Upper Shoulder Tension:

Tiger Balm is used to help reduce neck and upper shoulder pain. People with neck pain apply the balm before receiving chiropractic manipulation. They find that there is significantly more pain reduction after treatment than those who did not.


Just gently apply the balm to an affected area in a circular motion across the skin.


Do not apply the Tiger Balm on broken skin or open wounds. Keep away from sore, inflamed, dry chapped skin. Or on the inner ears and mucous membranes, such as those in the mouth, nostrils, rectum, vagina and penis.

Do a test run if a person has not used Tiger Balm before. Test a small amount on the forearm. Wait a few hours before applying balm to a larger area.

Always store Tiger Balm away from children and do not administer it to those under 12 years old unless recommended by your doctor.

Balm Ingredients:

Menthol, Cassia Oil (Cinnamon Oil), Clove Oil, Cajuput Oil, Camphor and Dementholised Mint Oil.