Tiger Balm Multipurpose Analgesic

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Amazing Tiger Balm

Wonderful Tiger Balm has become world famous. However it is certainly not a newcomer. Tiger Balm has been helping pain sufferers for nearly 150 years. It is so instantly recognizable by the attractive cool jar, the jumping big cat logo and the smell. But this salve is not just for aches and pains.

Tiger Balm is a multipurpose analgesic used in many Asian households. They use it for every ailment under the sun.

  • Do you have a stuffy nose? Smear some under your nose.
  • Itchy mosquito bites driving you crazy? Get rapid relief from Tiger Balm.
  • Feeling too hot? Rub some into your arms and legs and relax.
  • There are over 20 different uses including arthritis for this wonder ointment.

Considered to be about seven times stronger than its Western counterparts.

For example the Vicks VapoRub has 8.6% of its active ingredients, while Tiger Balm has an amazing 60%.

Coming of Age

This old medicine cabinet staple has becoming popular with A List Celebrities. Glowing words of unsolicited endorsement have come from the movie and entertainment stars. Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga are users of Tiger Balm in one form or another. On social media Twitter, Lady Gaga has called Tiger Balm a backstage “must have”.

While Gwyneth Paltrow has featured Tiger Balm in her lifestyle website which is called “Goop” she says (cites) that it is a “topical cure-all balm for muscle aches and pains” and “a beauty product she can’t live without”.

Meanwhile, heartthrob British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has named Tiger Balm ointment as a muscle saver that helped him carry out his own stunts while filming Doctor Strange.

From the sporting world, international soccer star David Beckham says it’s good for a headache. His mother used to rub it on his forehead.

Currently athletes such as US Olympic Gold Medal Triple-jump champion Chris Taylor and BMX rider Terry Adams have been signed to promote this trusted great brand.

In 2017 Tiger Balm sold 66 million products and is available in over 100 countries.

Don’t worry there are no Tigers in the jar!

The product is registered with most medical authorities around the world.

The product’s name comes from the inventor Boon Haw. In Chinese culture his name meant “Gentle Tiger”. The balm contains the ingredients natural menthol, camphor, mint oils, cloves and cajuput which is similar to eucalyptus.

It is a trusted product that every household should own. It is handy and easily portable for when there is an unbearable pain such as arthritis that appears when you least expect. Dabbing a little goes a long way. Pain relief is almost instant. Just rub a little on that pain, relax and feel the sensation.

People worldwide agree “It works where it hurts”. #



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