Berina A44 Light Matt Brown Permanent Hair Dye Color Brunette


Berina Hair Color Bayalage Cream A44 contains innovative elements.This is an at home hair dye that provides color and a glamour look to your hair as desired. This Berina product gives your hair a permanent color and silkier hair.

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Berina Hair Color Bayalage Cream A44 contains innovative elements.These provide color and a glamour look to your hair as desired. This Berina at home hair dye gives your hair a permanent color and silkier hair.

1 Light Matt Brown box of Bayalage Berina A44 is enough for Glam, Emo, Goth and Punk Fashion Punk short haircuts to medium length haircuts. Longer and thicker latest brunette styles may require 2 or 3 boxes of hair dye.

Each box contains:

Berina Balayage A44 Color Cream 60 grams/60 ml
Berina Balayage Hair developer 60 grams /60 ml 9%
UPC : 8850398080557
Brand: Berina

Do this for the first time of use for effective coloring with unisex Light Matt Brown.

Please read the instructions carefully before using Balayage Berina A44 for hairdos so you can successfully achieve the required Light Matt Brown Glam Emo Goth Punk Fashion Punk colour result.

If you are not sure about Bayalage Berina A44 then take advice for Glam Emo Goth Punk Fashion Punk color ideas. Please kindly consult with a professional hairdresser about Light Matt Brown.


Create your Glam Brunette hairdoos with silky smoothness.

How to use hair coloring:

Avoid using conditioner or oil treatments before colouring with Light Matt Brown. If so, before coloring, it is advised to wait for 3 weeks after perming, highlighting or bleaching.

When using Berina A44 the hair needs to be clean and dry. Color will always be absorbed better by a person with lighter hair. People with dark hair may need to carry out bleaching first.

1. Choose the Berina Color dye that you require.
2. Sensitivity test to be carried out 24 hours before attempting colouring with Light Matt Brown.
3. Next wash your hair before Brunette die coloring.
4. Have ready a premix of the colour cream with an equal amount of peroxide by mixing together the Light Matt Brown and Developer tubes thoroughly.
5. Use a brush to apply this Light Matt Brown mixture to your hair small section by small section.
6. For 20 to 40 minutes leave the Light Matt Brown mixture on your hair.
7. Finally rinse your hairdo thoroughly.


Please wear a pair of plastic gloves and also put on a protective cape during coloring. Avoid contact with eyes and skin effectively. Rinse eye immediately if Light Matt Brown product comes into contact.

DO NOT for any reason use Berina A44 on eyelashes and eyebrows. Avoid using this Berina hair dye product if your scalp is suffering from irritation or is injured anywhere. Take caution keep and store away from pets and children.

Please have an allergy test 24 hours before using Berina. By applying the product, test in a small area of low visibility. Test under your arm and behind your ear. Leave dye test to dry without rinsing for about 24 hours.

If you experience an allergic reaction, please DO NOT use product.

Product should not be used by any person 16 years old and younger.


Color may vary depending on your natural hair color and hair style. Berina A44 works best on a pre-lightened (bleached) hair.

DO NOT put A44 on your hair with progressive staining or with henna.

This product is imported from Thailand.
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.
Actual results may vary according to original hair color.

Manufactured date is on the Berina carton.
Expiration is 2 years from date of manufacture.