Kuan Im x2 for Skin Whitening Blackheads and Whiteheads


Kuan IM Pearl Cream is a natural beauty product for skin care. With makeup and cosmetics this skin care can help restore skin health and improve the feel and appearance of scars.

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Find out how this Kuan IM Pearl Cream can help with whitening and lightening your skin with the added benefits of eliminating acne as well as blemishes, freckles, and dark spots!

When you meet people for the first time you want to leave a great impression.

And that includes having beautiful skin and looking and feeling your best.

This special cream helps hide acne, blemishes, and freckles as well as helps restore the natural youth and beauty of your skin. The ingredients in this amazing product have the power to gently erase signs of aging that happens to the skin.

When you use this cream you will naturally beautify yourself and help prevent damage from such things as UV rays. You will be able to have younger and healthier skin for much longer that will keep you beautiful and looking excellent.


This is an ancient royal Chinese and Thai royal family secret that has been used for many generations by the court ladies as well as empresses. This gave the women extraordinary beauty which brought them love from the royal kings and princes.

This special recipe has only been available to the public since the early 1900’s and continues to be a great beauty secret among very beautiful women.

There is an only limited time we have in life so make sure you benefit yourself and give your skin the royal treatment it deserves.


Do you happen to have an issue with wrinkles? This amazing product can even help you with this problem as it acts as a moisturizer and helps strengthen your skin.

Many women also do not want to have dark skin and by using this product many women have reported great results using the skin whitening properties this cream provides.

You can eliminate spots on your skin and as mentioned before this includes such things as freckles and acne marks.

If you would like to improve the health, look, and feel of your skin be sure to buy this product and reward your skin by placing your order today. Thousands of women across the world have stumbled across this beauty secret and use it in their daily beauty routine.

How to use:

Wash your face, apply cream before bedtime.


 Natural Sea Pearl Powder, Cream base