X1 Tiger Red Balm 19.4g Cassia Oil Clove Cajuput Camphor Menthol


Red Tiger Balm applied to the temple and forehead can be more effective at relieving stress headaches than using Tylenol or Paracetamol.Thai people use the balm for osteoarthritis to ease aches and pain. Joint Pain occurs as Osteoarthritis causes the bones to lose density and become brittle bones. Rubbing balm into a knee joint can be quite beneficial.The herbal natural ingredients may numb the area and reduce swelling.

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Net Weight: 19.4g
Quantity: One jar
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Relieving Red Tiger Balm is a warming relief from pain problems. It is a multipurpose pain relief ointment. It is used as a pain treatment for strong throbbing aches, low back pain agony, lumbago. arthritis, sciatica and ligament damage.

The Red Tiger Balm is so easy to use. Essentially rub this balm and ointment over your skin. This pain therapy will work to lessen your swelling joint torments and skin aggravations. It has a huge number of uses that even encompass both as a creepy crawly insect repellent and as an insect bite treatment.

Tiger Balm is so trusted that it can be bought across Thailand as an OTC, over the counter item from thousands of pharmacists and 7 Eleven corner shops stores. It can give temporary soothing relief against migraine, minor muscle strains, burns relief, gout, and the ailments of a painful throbbing body. It blocks out the pain discomfort of itchy skin by numbing the skin. These pain diversions are known as counterirritants.

Cold Remedy Red Tiger Balm contains Thai wild herbs that can alleviate the discomfort of sinus stuffy nose and chest congestion. These wild herbs have been used from ancient times as oils, inhalents and salves. Menthol, Camphor, Cassia Oil and Clove Oil can help with the treatment of the common cold and chesty hacking coughs.

Wild Herbs:

To expand blood stream there is Camphor. This originates from Cinnamomum camphora plants. Camphor can give both warm and cold sensations in the skin.

Mint oils supply Menthol and have been shown to increase the blood flow in the skin. Alleviating dizziness by expanding the blood vessels in pain affected areas.

The little known Cajuput oil originates from the cajuput tree. Cajuput is used for a variety pain treatment cures ranging from toothaches to migraines by numerous Thai individuals.

Cassia oil is also called Cinnamon Oil. This originates from Cinnamon bark of the cassia plant. It is viewed as a calming powerful balm for throbbing aches, sciatica, sprains, lumbago and stiffness.

Peppermint plants supply the demetholized mint oil which has been utilised as a topical pain treatment for some time.

In conclusion, Clove oil from clove plants is a painkiller utilised to help with discomfort pain from toothaches. It is additionally added to many balm treatments like Tiger Red Balm for its painkiller qualities.


Tenderly rub Tiger Balm as necessary to affected areas.


Only for external use do not swallow. For outside utilize as it were.

Kindly do not use on a youngster under 12 years old.

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous layers.

Not to be applied to broken skin or areas of obvious skin irritation.

Consult a doctor if you experience any skin aggravation.

Balm Ingredients:

Cassia Oil (Cinnamon Oil), Clove Oil, Camphor, Cajuput Oil, Dementholised Mint Oil and Menthol.